How many of us crave having that perfectly glowing skin? How many of us fantasize about the oh-so-perfect and spotless face? Probably, all of us, right?

You might even be thinking, what kind of silly questions are you asking Shweta? Obviously, we want it?

Okay, understood.

But, answer me this now – How many of us really do things to achieve that? Or let’s say, how many of us make efforts to maintain our lifestyle that way?

Don’t worry you guys, I already know the answer. It is the same for a large proportion of people, including me. And, if you are one lazy individual like me, trust me I know all the struggle 😉


How to keep your skin healthy
Easy lifestyle changes to keep your skin healthy

So, what should be done? We want flawless skin but we want it at our comfort. Well, here I am to solve that very problem for you. I am listing below 3 ways that you can add or change in your daily routine to achieve the desired results.

No fancy creams, no expensive cosmetics, not making a hole in your pocket but simple doable ways to achieve genuine results.

  1. Drink water to keep your skin healthy

I know, this might sound like the most common advice you have received. But, trust me, it works. It actually works.

This advice is coming from someone who never really cared to fill a glass of water for herself. But, thanks to the pandemic. It taught me a lot. It changed the entire way I looked and lived my life.

The lockdown began in March and similar to each of you, my routine also went from college, home, and sleep to eat, sleep, and Netflix.

But amidst all this, I just made this one simple change in my daily routine and it changed my entire skincare game.

I started by keeping a water bottle with me during my Netflix binging. And, my skin literally thanks me today for it.

I am not saying this to bluff around and give you any unrealistic expectations. But, drinking water regularly, preferably 8-10 glasses a day- it does wonders for your skin.

  1. Skincare routine

This might sound a little tedious but let’s face it. If you want it, you got to work for it. If not more, a little something has to be done.

I have been following an extremely simple and fuss-free skincare routine for myself.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know that I am a DIY person. You would know I prefer home remedies over spending money on expensive products.

And, my skincare is routine is one such process for which I prefer keeping things simple yet effective. It is done twice a month.

How to keep your skin healthy
Healthy skin is happy skin

There are a lot of ways available today which you can opt for yourself, according to your skin type. And, follow it accordingly.

I have always believed that ‘less is more’, therefore, I keep it minimal and it shows results too. Let me know if you want me to share the same in my upcoming blogs with you. I’d love to work on your suggestions.

  1. Feel the water to keep your skin healthy

As much as the emphasis is made on the consumption of water for our skin, there needs to be given equal importance to the impact of water on our skin.

For this, all you need to do is take a bowl of water. Add some ice cubes to it. And, immerse your face in this cold water.

I know, this might sound a little immature. But, this Korean method does work. Some of the effects it has are:

  • It keeps your pores clean.
  • It gives you glass-like skin.
  • It keeps your skin tight.

I found this method while randomly scrolling some social media and tried it ones. And, to my surprise, it worked.

Therefore, here it is, included in my very first skincare blog. Give it a try and do share your results.

  1. Sleeping with a clear skin

Makeup is an important part of daily life for a lot of us. If not excessively the basics, like – using a face cream, some lip gloss, and kohl or an eyeliner- are surely involved in our routine.

The worst thing we can do to our skin is to sleep with makeup on our faces. Just like our body, our skin needs to breathe well too.

I have learned this a little late. This is why I am including this pointer here.


How to keep your skin healthy
Water does wonder for your skin

All you got do is remove your makeup with a makeup remover, there are a lot of products available on the market. Choose them as per your skin type.

And, if nothing else, go ahead and use rose water. It is the most efficient product ever made for human skin. I use it for the same, though, I do makeup very rarely. But, whenever I do, I make sure to remove it using a cotton patch dipped in rose water.

Give some love to your skin, allow it to breathe, at least when you sleep.

  1. Eating healthy for your skin

So many of us are conscious of what we eat when it comes to staying in ‘shape’. But, unfortunately, not many of us give proper attention to what is important for our skin, in terms of food.

Well, we are what we eat.

Though, I am a true foodie and cannot resist myself eating something if I want to. But, eating what is good for your skin should be of equal significance in life.

I am not a professional to mention anything specific that you should choose for your skin. But, adding some veggies and fruits to your regular intake of food, does help in the long run.

If there is one thing that I have changed in my eating habits during the pandemic, it is the intake of sugar. Yes, I have gradually slowed down my consumption of sugar.

The simplest thing you can do is replacing sugar with jaggery or honey. It is severely beneficial not just for your skin but for your body as a whole.


I hope these simple tips would have helped you in today’s read. I won’t write or share anything with you if I don’t believe that it actually works.

So, if it’s on my blog, I don’t just preach but I practice it too. Go ahead, try these and let me know if they worked for you. I am always a text away, here.

Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts below. I shall be back with a new read on Sunday.

See you soon. Happy reading!!!


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