Skincare myths have been around as long as skincare itself. Sometimes they pass down to us from our mothers and grandmothers and sometimes they are just results of the marketing tactics that go around the skincare products. The question is, how many of these are true?  

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Today, let’s talk and debunk some of the most heard skincare myths. Because we hear them so often, we tend to accept them as reality. However, the world is filled with ‘beautiful lies’. Just because everyone else seems to believe them, that is a pretty silly reason to accept them as truth for ourselves. Doesn’t it? 

Hence, here are skincare myths to ignore. Don’t believe everything you hear!  


1. Spending more on cleanser and moisturizer

I have never understood how expensive is synonymous with the right product when it comes to our skin. There are different types of skins and not every product is suitable for every skin. One should buy skincare products following the particular skin type. Else, if you wish to be more economic, there is always a DIY solution. At least, I believe so. 


2. Wrinkles can be erased    

I haven’t heard of a skincare myth more bizarre than this. Having wrinkles is one of the many rules of nature There’s nothing that can defy it. Yes, a good anti-aging product may help you reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But, it cannot remove them completely. One needs products composed of retinoids. They are scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles.  


3. You don’t need sunscreen while working indoors 

Sunscreen is a must to protect us from the direct, harmful UV rays of the sun. These can penetrate up to 80%, even on a cloudy day. UV rays can cause serious damage to your skin. Hence, even when you are indoors, especially with this second lockdown, it is inevitable for us to use a moisturizer with SPF or SPF30+ specifically.     

sunscreen spf 30

4. Waxing or shaving leads to thicker hair growth 

Removing hair by waxing or shaving doesn’t lead to thicker hair of growth. Instead, waxing leads to thinning out the hair growth with time because constantly pulling out the hair leads to weakening the hair roots. And, shaving causes the hair ends to taper. Hence, making them softer and thinner.          


5. Drinking water keeps the skin hydrated 

There’s no scientific evidence to support the positive effects of drinking water on the skin. The water we drink doesn’t get directly absorbed by the skin to benefit it. To have healthy skin, it is important to keep the skin nourished and moisturized. This is done by using a moisturizer or any other creams that allow the skin to not get dry.


6. Not washing the face causes acne 

Acne is the result of oil production, bacteria, clogged pores, and inflammation. Stress and hormones also play a very significant role to some extent. Other than this, even our diet is responsible for the same. But, hygiene does not play any role in the development of acne on our face. Hence, not washing the face is neither the cause nor the savior in this situation.    


7. Exfoliators should be used every day 

No, face scrubs or exfoliators, if used at all, must be used twice or thrice a week. The use of exfoliators is dependent on the skin type. Using face exfoliators every day can strip off the natural oils from the skin. It even leads to acne and breakouts. You can even choose to not use exfoliators at all since the skin naturally sheds its superficial keratinocytes at least once a month.  

body scrub

8. Organic products are safe for all skin types 

Again, not a necessity. And again, it depends on the type and condition of your skin. No skin product is made to fit all skin types. And, a product being natural or organic doesn’t guarantee betterment for the skin. These products are often regulated and may contain allergic elements for the skin type. Not all things natural are beneficial. 


9. Oily skins don’t need moisturizer 

Just because the skin type is oily, it doesn’t make to not a moisturizer evident. After washing and cleaning the face, the skin wears off the natural oils. Therefore, to put that moisture back into the skin, it is equally necessary to use a moisturizer even for oily skin. However, for oily skin, one can use a light, oil-free moisturizer every night. This won’t irritate as well. 


10. A strict skincare regime is necessary 

Having a skincare regime is important. But you don’t have to be strict about it. Skincare as part of our self-care practices is important. But you don’t have to be rigid about it. It should happen on self-pace. You should not force your skin for a face massage or to wear a mask until you feel like it. However, this is a personal opinion.   

skincare routine


These were some of the most common skincare myths that have been around. I hope I was able to debunk and burst the myths that we have discussed today. 

Skincare is a big part of our personal care. Hence, it’s a personal choice. Also, you should practice skincare adhering to the specific skin condition and type. 

Skincare is not about using a whole lot of products and experimenting now and then. Consecutively experimenting with skincare products can cause havoc to the skin. 

I practice my skincare routine once or twice a month. And, it works fine for me. It might be different for you. 

So, cater to the needs of your skin and ignore these skincare myths. Also, when you happen to use a new skincare product, take note of how your skin reacts to it and then decide on its future use. 

I’ll see you with a new blog next week. I hope you had a good time busting these skincare myths with me. 

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I’ll see you soon. 

Stay safe, bye.    




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